PGSA Talks: Archive

Hey everyone,

Here’s the link for Dr. Sean Grullon’s talk on transitioning from academia to data science industry.
Some things that may not be on the slides:
– Build a portfolio on Github (enter kaggle competitions for relevant coding)
– Learn to advertise yourself: self-teaching, tying models and techniques to observables, mentoring… etc.
– To enter data science:
1. Review basic probability and stats, Bayesians.
2. Learn basic SQL, advance SQL if you want to work for Facebook
3. Basic computer science algorithms and data structure
4. Learn data science vocabulary
– Interview
1. Resume, clean it up, not the same as CV!
2. Phone interview, this is where you show your value
3. 2nd Interview (usually a brain teaser or take home assignment, might be a technical interview, the questions you will be asked should not be too irrelevant “what’s your favorite color?” or too detailed and technical, these are warning signs).
3. In person interview (don’t sound too technical or self-depracating, focus on conveying that you are smart, fast, and can solve business problems).



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